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Mortgage Solutions is a wholly-owned Credit Union Service Organization (CUSO) designed to help you meet the needs of your members. Our options for credit union partners ensures that your members get what they need, which in turn helps strengthen your credit union/member relationship.

In addition to being a CUSO, Mortgage Solutions is a full-service licensed mortgage company. While we have the ability to originate, process, underwrite and close loans like any other mortgage company, our standards and expectations are that of the credit unions with which we have partnerships—SERVICE! With over 70 years of combined mortgage experience and over 70 years of combined credit union experience, we have just what you need. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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NMLS # (277481) Mortgage Solutions, LLC, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Members Resource, LLC.

Mortgage Solutions, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Members Resource LLC, a Credit Union Service Organization. Business conducted with Mortgage Solutions, LLC is separate and distinct from any business conducted with Members Resource LLC, its parent Credit Union or its partner Credit Unions.
Missouri Residential Mortgage License; Illinois Residential Mortgage License; Kansas Licensed Mortgage Company; Arkansas Licensed Mortgage Company.